Father examines a group therapy session for men who were sexually abused as children. What should be a rite of passage for a father and son is questioned as one survivor confronts another on what exactly he means by the word beautiful.

The audience is left with the feeling that these men, may never be able to completely heal from the wounds inflicted on them when they were children.

This topic is tough to talk about, but nevertheless, it exists. What should be an innocent gesture, is perverted by doubt. I wanted to respectfully explore the struggle that these survivors live with: Are they capable of repeating this horrible cycle? By placing this story within the session, I wanted to create an environment that was away from the rest of the world, and leaves these survivors dependent on each other. The group quietly unravels under the weight of their personal demons.

To execute the look, Jarrod placed the camera in the heart of the discussion, while the lighting imprisoned these men. James Slater created an ominous composition that haunts and keeps the audience captive.

But really, it was the actors: Patrick Zeller, James Kloiber, Michael Billingsly, Damone Gore, Paul De Sousa , Chaz Mena, and Robert Resnikoff…To this day when I talk about Father it always ends with, the stars were perfectly aligned when they were cast.

I mean you tell me…

Patrick Zeller
James Kloiber.
Michael Billingsly
Damone Gore
Paul De Sousa
Chaz Mena
Robert Resnikoff

written & directed by Amy Miketic
Director of Photography: Jarrod Kloiber
Filmed on Canon XL1
length: 8 minutes
Filmed in New York City

Last Rite has been screened at
CAN 2007 Leicester International Short Film Festival
2008 West Chester Film Festival
2008 Indie Gathering Film Festival
2008 Washougal International Film Festival
2009 New Filmmakers Screening NYC