Is a creative work from Amy Miketic. The genesis of this project is the desire to create visceral films that portray individuals who live through the destructive ways of society.


  • Piece Eileen and Wilson have never been Norman Rockwell happy in their life together. But when a chance to start over presents itself, the question becomes will they decide to go at it together.

  • Last Rite tells the story of a chance encounter between an alcoholic widow and a man with a criminal past. Lucy and Terrance are in need of forgiveness and find redemption, if only for a moment, with each other.

  • Father examines a group therapy session for men who were sexually abused as children. What should be a right of passage for a father and son is questioned as one survivor confronts another on what exactly he means by the word beautiful.



  • Black Boots Is a 30-minute dramatic film inspired by the videotaped murder of Bosnian civilians by a Serbian Paramilitary Unit.

    Black Boots tells the story of a father and son caught on opposite sides of the ethnic strife and their heartbreaking reunion that will lead to the videotape evidence being brought out of the woods.

  • Four Men in the Sand is a modern day western about a reckless woman and her steadfast cowboy as they make for the Mexican border pursued by men seeking revenge.

    All she wants is to be free of the past. But every debt has its price.

  • Redemption Card Released after serving 15 years, George goes back to his family thinking it would be the safest way for him to reenter society.

    Although his family may welcome him back. Not everyone can forgive.

  • Baby Girl A ‘No Exit-isque’ love triangle plays out, between three undercover cops, while scoping out a parked van. 

  • A New York Love Story A female war photographer leaving for Syria takes on a sexual relationship with a bar owner for the weekend.