Piece is a story of about two young parents who struggle under the weight of their crumbling relation while trying to provide for their child.

Hiding behind mercurial mood swings, Eileen attacks first, all the while hoping that Wilson doesn't leave. Meanwhile Wilson seems completely ill-equipped to provide for his wife and child. He's irresponsible, can't find work, and hangs with the wrong people.

At the beginning of this project the actress had concerns that the young parents would look like monsters.
My reply was:

Monsters...absolutely not. To execute this story with success I believe that each character has to be recognized for their need for approval, validation and want for love. With out that, you have only 2 dimensional characters. I think the characters arrive at a place that is preventable, and the audience should be watching a love story that is suffocating under the weight of being unprepared for parenthood.

Unfortunately this was nowhere to be found in the edit that I had started to assemble, and reshooting scenes was not a possibility. I felt I had failed as the Director.

When a “Director Cuts” a film, it is to complete the visual journey they set out to express. Piece began as a dark story with a jarring ending. What this story needed was hope.

With the help of Barney Canson, and his incredible eye for detail, we took a film with a sluggish tempo and began to shape it with the idea that love is a possibility.

Sound was a major factor in creating Wilson and Eileen’s environment and I had began considering possibilities before shooting. So while assembling, I was able to see light in a dark world.

Jon Cuna and his comrades: Mr. Nelson, Gregory (Bala C) & Silvestre provided the addictive Latin Beats that flavors Los Angeles. Charles Wilkins not only provided the children’s program but the score that inspires hope towards the end of the film. As for the gospel music, Dell and the wonderful guys from God’s Creation/ Second Chance provided wonderful bookends of joy and love to a difficult journey. Rick Rivera, with his infectious laugh and unbridled positivity, provided the unrelenting sound design that overwhelms the family.

As you may tell, I am proud of this “Director’s Cut”, and of course the entire production crew for their inspiration and generous talents

God likes to hang out in dark places, and if you’re willing he’ll guide you towards light. And this is the little film that grappled towards the light.


Desiree Abeyta
James Hollis
Mattew Rosales

directed by Amy Miketic
written by Cody Tucker
Director of Photography: Jonah Bierlein
Filmed on Canon 7D
Length: 15 minutes

Filmed in Torrance, CA